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    I've spent 40mins now browsing about and learning as much as I can about this incompetence from the Apple programmers. Threads on the apple community where techincal savvy people have determined that the language for sms databases has changed from 5 to 6, resulting in random message conversion failures leaving people with jaws dropped.

    firstly, has this been fixed in 6.0.1 or whatever the latest OS is? I'm on 6.0 so don't want to rush to upgrade before knowing it won't hinder anything.

    If not, then as I understand it,

    There is only one or two solutions:

    Wondershare Dr.Fone has a $120!!!!!??? program that'll retrive data from a back-up, but doesn't AFAIK, have the ability to back it up to another back-up itunes file to put into OS6/iPhone5.
    Backuptrans iPhone SMS & BackUp is $19, and can back up the file, AND can restore to an iTunes back-up, supposedly when you restore your OS6 device/iPhone5, it'll restore those missing SMS that were originally gone.

    The other way is supposed to be fully free, but I hit a stumbling block. iFunBox (or other file structure browsing programs) can get to the SMS folder on my 4S' OS5, I've saved it on my desktop., except now I'm stumped where the SMS folder is on OS6?

    I'm hoping if I can find it, I can just drop my old SMS thereinto and be up and running after a reboot.

    If anybody knows of a surefire solution for me I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm one of those people who has SMS from 2008'ish if not 2007 still chugging along with me through all my iphones.
    2012-11-03 03:07 AM
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    Why don't you just backup and restore through iTunes? Probably simplist way
    2012-11-03 01:07 PM
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    Read up on lost sms with upgrade to os6.

    I just read on hofo, someone said they backed up thru iCloud and restored the same without losing any msgs, so I'm trying that manner.
    2G>3G (suffered with Zagg Applications on the back curvature LOL)>3GS>4(relished in the flat surfaces, facilitating the application of Zagg)>4S(bumper, then only Zagg, 3 drops total lol)>
    iPhone 5, currently still in stasis, as I can't restore my years of SMS db's., so not sure what to do. Oh and the fact that I can't enjoy my Uber JB'd Tweaked up the Yizzo 4S, is really making this conversion difficult .
    2012-11-04 03:25 AM