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  1. CarmelLatte's Avatar
    I love Cydia! But, since I mainly want tweaks (such as pink keyboard, pink battery ext. ) most of them are in winterboard. The problem is; When I check the things I want to apply in winterboard, when I hit respring the usual rebooting proces occurs, but when my iPhone is done rebooting... None of the changes have been made Any ways to fix this?

    NOTE: I am using an iPhone 4 with tethered jailbrake and IOS 6.0
    2012-11-03 03:29 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Are these "Pink" themes compatible with iOS 6 or even 5? They may be older themes that haven't been ported to newer firmware.
    What are the names of the themes your trying to use?
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    2012-11-03 03:33 AM
  3. EVO's Avatar
    Agrees only a small handful if any are updated for iOS 6

    Check the themes thread on the themes section if available and see if there's any update for iOS 6
    2012-11-03 09:40 AM
  4. CarmelLatte's Avatar
    Thank you, I believe it is that they are not compatible on a IOS 6 device. I tried checking all of the themes, and most worked other than the ones I wanted. Dose anyone know of any tweaks that make your text in SMS pink that work on IOS 6? | Divine CK | P1nkanos CK

    Are any of these compatible^ ?
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    2012-11-03 02:16 PM
  5. NanoTeXplorer's Avatar
    Hey there I'm using iPhone 5 running on 6.1.2 and the theme I'm using Pinkified (WinterBoard) Theme. Its doesn't change ur physical out look of the icons however it themes the UI. It themes the SMS/iMsg/biteSMS. If ure like me & crazy over pink then u'd love it. Plus if u'd like to theme the WhatsApp u can also download "WhatsApp Pink Theme" and it'll theme the icon & UI in the WhatsApp. Pretty cool if u ask me! And again if ure using instagram & u want it to be pink too u can go download "HotPinkstagram" and the CK I'm using to match all this combination is in the CK app (by default) called "Phatmartino_Pink_G1". Also if u wanna change the lockscreen battery I did found one thats working however I didn't really like it. Its called "Pink Battery HD" but I end up using the "Pink Panther Battery" cuz I find it cute! oh and as a bonus if u wanna change ur lockscreen knob color u can also download "ColoredKnob" hope u'll give all this a try and replace what u used to like cuz I'm going nuts cuz most uber awesome themes arnt imported to iOS6.
    2013-02-23 03:43 PM