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    I just can't seem to understand the thinking of Apple designers when this model is not old at all an 4G was already everywhere, anyone have any insight on this cuz my provider just speaks gibberous
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    2012-11-06 11:24 PM
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    When apple released I 4 it was 200 " new features ",when you start looking at it was 198 fixes and 2 new features, just as it is with i4s had one great feature SIRI,yes 4G was just building a new network. iPhone 5,1/2" screen 4g ,, it's apples way of selling phones.
    iOS still is much like it looked when the first I's hit the market. I have looked at the list of features and really look more like fixes for the way it should have looked, 4s got more memory and processor the 5 got some better hardware and some screen, Apple needs to make people want that new iPhone and it seems to work very well.
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    2012-11-07 02:47 AM