1. redmccarthy's Avatar
    Hello folks,

    As the topic title suggests, I'm trying to get set something up and I am stumped at this point. Hopefully someone knows how to do this or at least knows if it's even possible.

    What I'm trying to do: When you get a new text message, you can tell Siri "Read my messages" and it will do so. I would like to set an Activator event (e.g. triple home button press when locked) to make Siri read my messages without having to tell it to. Basically, I want to be able to discreetly invoke the "Read my messages" function if I get a text while out in public somewhere with my bluetooth headset on (Obviously I'd still have to talk to it to reply, but this would let me know if the text is something I actually need to bother replying to)

    I purchased the MyAssistant tweak and tried playing with its Activator features but I can't figure out how to make this happen or even know if it's possible.

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance!
    2012-11-12 02:25 AM
  2. redmccarthy's Avatar
    Nothing, eh?

    I've been doing some heavy googling but no luck. I assume what I'm trying to do isn't possible?
    2012-11-12 09:42 PM