1. postfuzz's Avatar
    Every once in a while when i install a new app,
    & every time i install an app that was downloaded by iTunes during a Sync,
    The Hidden icons I've set in SBSettings reappear.
    With them appear also the white icons (the "AdSheet" & IOS Diag" & so on)
    Except that it's annoying... its also weird that they always appear from a specific Place...
    Regardless of if there's other icons in there or not,
    In the first page, on the 4th row & from the middle.
    Moving what ever icons i had there & creating a new page
    In the middle of my springboard pages.
    Back in the "Corona" Jailbreak Addon days,
    I remember that it was suppose to fix this issue??
    This is starting to freak me out!
    Does anyone experiencing something like that?
    Maybe you have any insights?
    (I can list my installed tweaks, if it helps)


    If I'm posting something that does not belong here, I'm sorry. Please direct me.

    iPhone 4 - IOS 5.0.1

    2012-11-27 12:17 AM
  2. docmagoo2's Avatar
    Happens fairly often. Just respring and it'll be back to normal
    2012-12-01 09:33 AM