1. Bwfcrus's Avatar
    Hi, so the story goes- my laptop broke and is currently sitting in a landfill site, got a new laptop, downloaded the latest iTunes (11?) and now are my problems/questions
    1 how do I put all my apps/notes/music/ ect on my iTunes library? I think I need to create a new library and add my data from my phone?
    I pressed "backup iPhone" and "sync" while connected but none of my data has appeared on iTunes, it's only under "on this iPhone"
    2 how do I click the "manually manage music and videos" option without iTunes wanting to erase my data?

    I appreciate anyone who takes the time out to help it has taken me hours to try to get it to work, thx guys
    2012-11-30 12:51 AM
  2. bbrks's Avatar
    First you have to authorise your new lap top for iTunes, than you go to Apps store, login with your account and go to purchased and download all previously purchased Apps. That's for the start.....
    2012-11-30 11:35 PM