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    Sorry got stuck at work. What he said should work have any more problems ill be keeping an eye on this thread today.
    2012-12-05 10:52 AM
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    this worked for me just fine.

    and my baseband version is 05.16.07

    with a firmware version of 6.0.1

    i dont want to downgrade.

    this is enough problem for me.

    and in some posts i read that i should avoid that ipad baseband thing, might cause to be bricked(?)
    2012-12-05 03:42 PM
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    Will it change my Baseband (or Bootrom)to upgrade to ios 6.0? Right now I have Baseband 5.15.04 Model #MC135LL. Old bootrom, correct? Firmware 4.2.1, Jailbreaked. I would like to be able to jailbreak and unlock this phone after I upgrade the firmware.

    Will that be possible?


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    2012-12-06 02:10 AM
  4. Jeffwo's Avatar
    2012-12-08 09:09 PM
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