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    I tried a month ago to unlock my phone with sam, so i did some hacktivating (i think, not even sure what i did), point is i used sam.

    I wasn't able to unlock it due to the baseband, so i was stuck.

    Then i realized that my company can unlock it for me for free (since i was on a contract and it was my last month.) So my phone got IMEI unlocked permanently.

    Now before i had it fully unlocked i had to upgrade to iOS6 then downgrade again to 5.1.1 , cause i couldn't restore for some reason to my current iOS.

    Now for some reason I'm not receiving any push notifications what'so ever in any app. that includes: Facebook and whatsapp.

    My phone is: Iphone 4 GSM 5.1.1 please help
    2012-12-02 09:06 PM