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    Hi guys my name is austin
    My iphone 4s 64GB, is on 5.1.1 from factory not OTA update, i bought it on october 2012 , it was factory unlocked , jailbroken using absinthe 2.0.4 , everything was fine until i downloaded winterboard from cydia and messed around with some themes ,finally i had to clear some cache files for a theme to run properly, for that i accidentally deleted com.springboard folder under Library>caches using iFile, then uninstalled winterboard which lead to reboot the device , eventually it lead to the screen where there is cable to be connected to itunes (The Recovery mode) which i'm dying to get out of, i tried every single option out there to get out of it including TU , Recboot ,Redsnow ...
    However i can get the device into DFU mode
    I don't have the SHSH blobs of my 5.1.1 saved since i bought the device on october at which point IOS 6 already out ,so impossible to do that
    and i don't want to upgrade to 6.0.1 ,since it dosen't have a jailbreak yet, but i'm afraid i don't have a choice here.
    So what do you guys are advicing me to do here?
    I appreciate any word
    2012-12-13 09:14 PM
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    Use iFaith to extract your 5.1.1 SHSH from the device itself. Then use iFaith to make a custom stitched firmware with those SHSH in it and restore to that in iTunes. Then you can rejailbreak with redsnow or absinthe after.

    EDIT: whoops, just saw that you have a 4S. What I said is not possible on a 4S sorry. If you had 5.1.1 SHSH you could have used redsnow ro re-restore to 5.1.1. Without them I am afraid you are stuck sorry. Unless you can find a way to remove whatever is causing it not to boot up you will have to restore to 6.0.1.
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    2012-12-13 10:18 PM
  3. Austin-316's Avatar
    thank you for the reply , but do you advice if i wait to see if something comes out to re restore to my 5.1.1?
    2012-12-14 08:08 AM
  4. Austin-316's Avatar
    If i could get the device out of recovery mode into safe mode that would be great, is there a way to do that?
    2012-12-14 09:39 AM
  5. EVO's Avatar
    it might be quite a while, if anything at all, to fix this re-restore issue for iphone 4s

    that's why it was stressed to always save your shsh blobs

    you can try resetting the phone repeatedly, but I really doubt it will work, but its the only option I can think of

    the 4s is one of those unique phones that developers havent really figured how to control it like they can with the 4 and below..

    if you need the phone, you're going to need to restore, plain and simple
    2012-12-14 10:32 AM
  6. Austin-316's Avatar
    Is there a way to access iphone 4s file system in either recovery mode or DFU mode?
    2012-12-14 04:07 PM
  7. PoEtikly's Avatar
    If i could get the device out of recovery mode into safe mode that would be great, is there a way to do that?
    Try getting the new redsn0w and see if recovery fix will work
    2012-12-15 11:05 PM