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    I have a 4S and don't want to give up my jailbreak because I like BiteSMS (among other things).

    However, I love the DND feature of iOS 6.

    Every one I've tried though on Cydia doesn't work with emails. DoNotDisturb 1 & 2 both block texts and stuff, but not emails. There was another one I tried awhile back, but I can't remember the name. It seemed to work for awhile but then stopped.

    I also saw this one:

    Apple, iPhone and iPad News | ModMyi - Easily Disable iOS Notifications With A New Free Jailbreak Tweak

    Does it block emails?

    I want to be able to go to sleep and turn off everything but alarm and the phone function. I have to be able to hear the phone and alarm, especially phone, due to my job.

    I am also wondering if having Mail Enhancer previously would cause a problem. I noticed that some of these don't block mail enhancer notifications, but I've uninstalled it.

    Edit: tried the above and it doesn't work with emails. hmm. it prevents it from lighting up the screen, but I still hear the sounds
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    2012-12-16 03:48 PM
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    You can check out this tweak
    2012-12-16 04:01 PM
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    No I don't want to customize per contact. All contacts should be able to call me.

    Why did email notifications stop being blocked?

    It also appears to shut off the phone when you "mute" it. Which I don't want to do.
    2012-12-16 04:03 PM
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    Not sure what you are talking about on the shut of the phone when on mute. I used RingerXVIP since beta and loved it. DND on 6.0 closely replicates it but lacks the options RingerX does. But DND 6.0 has a couple items that RingerX needs.
    2012-12-17 04:49 AM
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    Simply put I bought this app and it's painful to even operate compared to how simple I am looking for.

    All alerts = off
    Phone and alarm = on

    Please tell me how when I go to bed RingerX can do exactly and ONLY that.

    I can get it to work to where everything is disabled at night, but it won't allow calls to ring. Well I can make that happen by putting on airplane mode, so that's worthless to me. I'm looking for the ability to silence everything EXCEPT the phone and alarm. Every contact, known or not, blocked or not, should be able to call me at any hour. Every single email and text should not come through ever. The alarm should work. That's what I'm looking for.

    All I want is iOS 6 DND functionality in iOS 5.x. This used to be no problem with apps like banner disable...however, now emails still come through on those apps.

    For now I guess I will have to go back to sticking a headphone into the jack which mutes everything that doesn't use the external speaker. Which allows the alarm and phone to work but other notifications to silence.
    2012-12-17 05:14 AM
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    I got rid of my jailbroken 4S a couple weeks ago and got i5. So sadly I can't dig into it and look for the items you want. I would love to help with it.

    Contact the Dev and he usually is a great help. http://twitter.com/_Yllier_ Is his twitter.
    2012-12-17 05:42 AM