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    I'm putting this here not looking for solutions, but for reference for others who suffer the same problem.

    My iPhone 4 is JB'd tethered at ios 6.0.1 using Redsn0w. Today I installed a new battery which put the phone into a restart loop: It would turn on, work for about ten seconds then go black and restart, albeit really quickly.

    I immediately assumed it was a dude battery, so popped the old one back in, but it did the same thing. I then assumed that it was a tether issue, but couldn't get the phone into DFU mode as holding any manner of keys wouldn't stop the phone from restarting. I eventually managed using various apps to get it to boot tethered, but the same thing happened: Restart loop.

    I Googled and read quite a few similar issues, the cause appeared to be broken battery connectors, a common-ish issue when changing the battery Google told me, even iFixIt said the same. I now assumed I'd killed my phone. Oh dear!

    As a last ditch attempt I got the phone into recovery mode using RecBoot and did a full restore, the problem stopped, so it lead me to conclude it's a software not hardware issue. Anyway, out of interest I JB'd the phone again, pulled the back off and removed/installed the battery. Exactly the same thing happened. In the end I again had to restore the phone to get it working.

    Now this is obviously a PITA, but, the phone isn't damaged, which is a major bonus.

    Now this might be a quirk with my phone, or it might be common, but certainly my experience today is that an iPhone 4 on ios6 with a tethered JB needs to be restored after the battery is removed to get it working again. So, if you've found this thread after searching the net, and perhaps have read the same threads I'd read about the broken connectors, don't give up hope, your phone might not be broke, you might just have to restore it.

    Hope this helps someone.
    2012-12-20 05:35 PM
  2. zeneleven's Avatar
    whatever problems i encounter, restoring always comes first to my mind
    2012-12-21 01:01 AM
  3. docmagoo2's Avatar
    Yeah this has happened to me on occasion when installing a battery even on untethered. Restore always fixes it
    2012-12-21 07:51 AM