1. Forged's Avatar
    Hey guys. Just wondering how many iphone 5 user suffer this? and how to solve it?

    i tried reset network through general -> reset tab. but problem still exist. A friend solve this by restoring. but it would take time. and i also have problem with activating my imessage by indicating that i may have the wrong password or user name but i have zero problem accessing apple store.

    I have zero problem on my iphone 4 on same carrier. so it must be the iphone 5.

    My iPhone 5 still on 6.0.1 firmware. persevering the firmware for future jb
    2012-12-29 07:06 PM
  2. xboxbml's Avatar
    Well...I'm having similar issues with my brand new 64gb 5... I had a 32gb I got 2 days ago but it was too small..but worked flawlessly..took back to AT&T store n told girl I knew I should have gotten the 64...paid fee n difference...fit home n loaded 6.0.2...noticed group mms texting wasn't working...restored again(both DFU restores) still had issues..also noticed I had only 4 bars LTE in my house where the 32 had 5..toggled LTE off n on ..bars went to 5 then 4 solid..then it actually dropped out of service...wifi not very solid signal either but 32 was rock solid.. Called AT&T tech. He re-registered after I did reset network settings..group mms worked at first then didn't then did...this morning I opened mmi n couldn't get to app...opened safari couldn't search(wifi off) turned wifi on worked...turned wifi off didn't..I think this one has radio issues...going back to AT&T store today
    2012-12-30 04:36 PM