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    Hi all,
    i try to mod my default iphone icons via SSH, i replace them (but only the icon.png file (57x57 pixels)) but when i reboot the device nothing happen. Why? What i have to do? Thank you and sorry for my english

    P.S. I have a 3GS iphone with 5.1.1
    2013-01-01 02:40 PM
  2. Jato_BZ's Avatar
    Firstly this topic should be in the Design Media forum and under Skinning and Themes discussion.

    By the sounds of it you have the filename / or directory wrong.

    If the icon image files are exactly 57x57 pixels then they should theme.

    Are u running iFile? Cydia tweak? This tweak let's u browse the iPhone directory from within ur iPhone.

    I use this in conjunction with iFunbox to mod my phone.

    Are u running WinterBoard?
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    2013-01-03 06:24 AM