1. crazypills77's Avatar
    To get it out of the way, my iPhone 5 is already jailbroken with evasi0n. Problem is, I forgot I had them in my swim trunks before I sat in a jacuzzi.

    Now since I couldnt immediately turn the phone off, I noticed it everything still worked fine with the exception of a "NO SIM CARD INSTALLED" popup. I'm now considering restoring it to try and send it in for a replacement (I have Applecare+).

    I just dont know if I should continue trying to restore it NOW, or wait a couple days for it to dry out. IF I do it now, I dont have to worry about the phone possibly not working later on and my warranty being voided because I didn't restore it.

    Is the fact that it's still working a good sign? Is there a way to salvage the SIM card (as in, if I give it a day or so to dry out, will it start working again, possibly saving me the $50 replacement?)

    Or is my idea of leaving it alone, turned off, trying to restore it to stock iOS 6.1, and spending the $50 for a swap the best way to go?
    2013-02-16 04:04 AM
  2. SPS828's Avatar
    I'd recommend bringing it to apple to replace it.
    2013-02-16 11:11 PM