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    Does anyone out there know if there is a setting or a tweak from cydia that will disable the iPhone stock music app from automatically opening and start playing when you start your car that your iPhone is paired to via bluetooth.
    2013-02-23 05:09 PM
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    I'm looking for the same sort of thing. I want Pandora to be my default music player instead of the music app. I know of SpotiPlay that makes Spotify your default music player but can't find anything for Pandora. Ok so not exactly what you're asking about but that's how I noticed the issue, when getting in my car. Sometimes it defaults to the music app and sometimes it'll open pandora. Just want it to be consistent.

    Think I might have figured out my situation. SBProfiles lets you set triggers (like connecting to your car's Bluetooth) and select an app to open - in my case, Pandora. Not sure if you can choose to disable a particular app - in your case Music app - but this tweak has been worth the $ for me, and you might be able to configure it to do what you want. The developer is very helpful too. Emailed him with a question and got instant reply. Good luck!
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    2013-03-02 11:35 PM