1. DaYiM's Avatar
    I have been enjoying the new JailBreak on my iPhone 5,
    But i have some missing tweaks that i used on my JailBroken iPhone 4:-

    1. A tweak that enables other tweaks to work in Cydia? ( ex: Themes )
    2. Is there any alternatives for Running Indicators for iOS 6.1?
    3. Before i used BackBoard, SpringBack & TimeMachine in Springtomize 2,
    i don't know how well they worked but on iOS 6 none of them are working properly,
    I really need to save my SpringBoard Pages & Folders LayOut! i have more than 260
    apps collected in one page using FolderEnhancer!
    4. I am using PhotoAlbums+, the thing i need is that when i delete a picture from one
    of the albums i don't want it to go back to CameraRoll!

    Please i need any suggestions & help for these things.
    Thanks & Best REGARDS
    2013-02-26 10:16 PM