1. Canadian Eh's Avatar
    I've got an iPhone 4 w/ the evasi0n jailbreak 6.1 untethered and am unable to view any email attachments (of any file type) as well attached photos in iMessage. The attachments show up but when clicked on to open I get a grey screen just displaying the attachment name and format. For the imessage issue, the small photo is visible in the iMessage conversation but when clicked on to expand larger it displays the same grey screen w/ the photo name and format. I disabled Springtomize 2 to see if that was causing the problem and sure enough everything worked again and I was able to open the attachments no problem. I'd obviously still like to be running Springtomize 2, just curious if anyone else has experienced this and if there is a fix or work-around.

    2013-02-26 09:29 PM