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    1. Create folder (******).theme inside that folder make another folder named Bundle.

    2. In that folder create another folder named

    3. Inside folder create image: [email protected]~iphone which is 354X354 px (modify image till you see fit).

    4. Again create a new image naming it [email protected]~iphone, which is 140x140 px (modify image till you see fit). It is best to keep these 1st 2 images you create the same. Just resize them and rename them .

    5. This last image is for the background image when you press a folder. Again create another image inside the folder Name this image
    [email protected]~iphone.png, which is 640X720 px (modify image till you see fit).

    6. After you have created your .theme for winterboard place it in Root/library/themes via SSH or diskaid.

    7. Open winterboard on Phone, select new theme, and RESPRING.

    Cheers you should have new custom folders for your phone

    ***The smaller icons which you see inside the folders will be found in system/library/coreservices/ and also var/stash/applications.2v2a5w HAPPY HUNTING ***

    YouTube Video Example of my phone:
    2013-03-03 05:12 AM
  2. wasserinc's Avatar
    For the folder background, only [email protected]~iphone.png works for me on iP5
    2013-04-08 04:11 PM