1. Triyence's Avatar

    I am using WinterBoard to apply the iMatte V5 Fabric #1 Theme (Black) to my phone and I am noticing that it is not applying all the icons properly. Some applications that aren't being skinned are:
    • Camera
    • Photos
    • WhatsApp
    • iBooks

    If I SSH into my phone and look at the theme's files I can clearly see that there are icons intended for these applications. My question is, why are these icons not being applied? Is there anyway to easily make them work without modifying the icons inside the actual application folders? Is there some file somewhere that is mapping each .png to the application? I remember it used to be that if the name of .png matched an application it would make that the icon.

    An Installed Theme Not Applying Icons Properly-iphone.png

    iPhone 4S, 6.1.2
    2013-03-03 10:14 AM
  2. bandofbrothers's Avatar

    Their are a lot of themes that are not iOS 6 compatible which have been left behind by the developers.

    Perhaps yours is one of these.

    You can insert your own icons with help from ifile and doing some homework on the subject or perhaps send a tweet to the original dev.
    Be Happy !!
    2013-03-03 01:59 PM