1. AnatoliStolionly's Avatar
    I've been all over google and can't fix this. My account is fine. Time zone is fine. I have every email and phone number hooked up to iMessages and it still won't activate. My face time works too. What the heck else could be wrong?!?!
    2013-03-05 09:41 PM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    thread moved.

    You have it turned on in Settings/Messages?
    2013-03-05 09:54 PM
  3. AnatoliStolionly's Avatar
    Yes. I couldn't get the message saying that it was waiting if I didn't. I've tried resetting it. Resending the email. Rebooting. Everything myself and google can think of so far.
    2013-03-05 10:03 PM
  4. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Probably iMessage being down.
    2013-03-06 04:49 AM
  5. AnatoliStolionly's Avatar
    For two months??? God I hope not.
    2013-03-06 04:52 AM
  6. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Dfu, setup as new device.
    2013-03-06 04:53 AM
  7. AnatoliStolionly's Avatar
    Have. Three times.

    With and without jailbreaks.
    2013-03-06 04:54 AM
  8. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Try a Different apple id?
    2013-03-06 04:55 AM
  9. AnatoliStolionly's Avatar
    Guess that wouldn't be a bad idea. Have to redo everything but its worth a shot.
    2013-03-06 06:12 AM
  10. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Have you taken of into the apple store?
    2013-03-06 06:34 AM
  11. AnatoliStolionly's Avatar
    There isn't one close to where I live.
    2013-03-06 07:44 AM
  12. mmaboi21's Avatar
    2013-03-06 08:36 AM
  13. AnatoliStolionly's Avatar
    Will try a new iCloud account though. Thanks mate
    2013-03-06 09:10 AM
  14. mmaboi21's Avatar
    2013-03-06 04:20 PM
  15. santoshbehl's Avatar
    Is your phone factory unlock if yes then imessage should work
    2013-03-06 07:41 PM
  16. AnatoliStolionly's Avatar
    No it's not. Sprint 4s. Not unlocks just the evasion jb on 6.1.
    2013-03-06 10:03 PM
  17. Orby's Avatar
    No it's not. Sprint 4s. Not unlocks just the evasion jb on 6.1.
    I am assuming you're trying to use it on Sprint's network as well, right?

    This is very unusual behavior. I've had this occur on iOS 6.1.x personally (FaceTime or iMessage activates normally, but only the first one I try. The second will hang at "Waiting for Activation..." until Settings.app is killed, then only the e-mail addresses will be activated). However for me, a reboot would resolve this issue--the other service would show up as "activated" after that reboot.

    It may just be a pernicious iOS bug. If you'd like, you can install this debugging profile on your iPhone and enable both logging switches in Settings -> Messages. Then you can view the logs generated via Xcode. It may not be the most helpful process, but it might provide some insight...
    2013-03-06 10:15 PM
  18. AnatoliStolionly's Avatar
    I have debugging tools. And yes everything else works such as FaceTime. I don't have an option to resend a verification email now.
    2013-03-06 10:29 PM