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    Afternoon all

    Quick question as I can't find anything myself online

    I am using Dashboard X 2.0 with Gridlock 2.0 and the IntelliScreenX ticker on my homepage (along with a few other widgets - stock weather below time, NCC settings on page 2 and system stats on page 3). At the mo, I have turned off the clock on the status bar using Springtomize 2.

    My problem (and I am sure there are a lot of you who have a similar set up and found this) is that it's great when you are looking at your home screen but when an app is open I have to pull down the NC for the time

    I can't find anything (and I'm not sure its even possible) to remove/hide the clock when on the homescreen and then appear once an app is open....

    Open to all suggestions!

    2013-03-14 03:39 PM