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    Hi.. was a long time iphone user that made the switch to an s3 to check it out. Happy to say I am back with a 5. Just wasnt feeling the android thing.. but thats another topic.

    Anyhow, I had quite the list of cydia apps / tweaks built up before switching... but can't remember half of them and some mmay or may not even apply or be necessary anymore.

    I read through 30+ pages of modmyi articles to try to feel out whats new and stuff but it would take hours to cover the last year or however long its been since I left my iphone!!

    Can anyone share some of the latest and best tweaks, or fill me in on the current version of stuff I had.

    Heres the things I remmebered having

    sbsettings - so nice to have everything right there. is there something like that for notification center? seems like when i left there wasa all sorts of them, curious as to what stuck around and improved
    Winterboard / dreamboard - still the only optinos for theems? anything better out there?
    notifier or notified or something - for status bar icons. driving me NUTS not having them. is that around and compatible still, or anything better?
    quick reply - i see irealsms is around, cant remember if i used bitesms or that one.. they both seemed good before
    mywi - is this even needed? or is tethering included with plans these days (im on a corporate plan grandfathered into unlimited)
    callbar - thi swas just coming out, was a cool tweak.
    browsers - i saw some recent stuff about chrome, anything else out there whether it be cydia or app store?

    thats all i can realy think of. i know i had ton of little system tweaks for changing things like the lock screen, carrier name, etc

    sorry to ramble on. i know i can google all of this but theres so much info out there (mostly ppl asking questions).. just looking for a quick run down of what i missed and what the new "MUST HAVES" are for jb iphones.

    2013-03-20 04:29 AM
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    As far as sbsettings, get ncsettings. It is a great sbsettings replacement in your notification center. On SMS, bitesms is fantastic. Winter board is still relevant. I just returned from a 2 year android hiatus so I'm in your boat. Good luck getting caught up.
    2013-04-04 12:32 AM
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    SBsettings still works in your notification center and personally I think it's better still than NCsettings. Barrel is a cool tweak to check out as is Springtomize2 and Auxo. Barrel is a bunch of cool page transition animations for your icons. Springtomize2 is a "Swiss army knife" of tweaks. Auxo is your appswitcher remade and works great when paired with Zypher, another pretty awesome tweak.
    iPhone 5c - iOS 7.0.4 Jailbroken
    2013-04-04 12:56 AM
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    SBSettings has a nice memory leak

    Barrel sucks up battery

    Auxo has a nice memory leak too

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2013-04-04 01:40 AM
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    SBSettings has a nice memory leak

    Barrel sucks up battery

    Auxo has a nice memory leak too
    I don't notice any battery issues or memory leaks. My phone runs fine and I got a hell of alot more on it then just that stuff installed.

    Edit: Ok so I've been testing out what you said. Yes barrel uses quite abit of extra battery. I can't find a mem leak in Auxo or SBsettings at all. My RAM levels out at 315-320 on my iPhone4.
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    2013-04-04 04:54 AM
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    Batterydoctorpro for nc toggles/battery app/free ram toggle etc,brilliant tweak.
    I dont use ncsettings or springtomize anymore as they were both giving me battery woes on iphone 4,6.1.2.
    ipod 4G,32 GB-iOS 5.1.1-Jailbroken (redsn0w)
    iphone 4,32 GB-iOS 5.1.1-Jailbroken (redsn0w)
    i really,really hate using Winterboard
    2013-04-04 04:59 AM
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    2013-04-04 07:40 PM