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    Hello all,

    I just joined the forum because ive seen this site/forum advertised in many places. I came here for help. I recently installed a cydia tweak called something like "All cydia sources" after this i then installed a cydia app called "Auxo". Then once all this was done, whenever i go back into cydia i get a bunch of errors and things like not having my packages load, sections tab is empty, not being able to install other apps/tweak and not able to delete sources. Ive searched a few places on how to resolve the issue but since im getting multiple errors im not sure which one is the proper solution. Ive also seen that to fix these problems ppl use "SSH" or "iFile" and i have not used either of these programs before. Ill upload some screenshots of whats happening so that maybe someone can help me out.


    I hope someone out there could please help me out and like i said before, ive never used SSH or iFile and im pretty noob when it comes to computers, so if someone can kindly maybe give me a detailed description on how to fix this please. Thank you in advance n i hope i posted this in the proper section.

    Edit **Sorry i just seen the thread "before you ask for help" i cant seem to find a way to edit my post title so im unable to include errors in the post name. And also i have an iPhone 5 with ios 6.0 i put that part in when i registered but i guess it doesnt show that part under my username

    Edit** was able to edit more in safari than the app
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