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    Hi folks,

    I'm hoping someone has some input on this problem I'm having.

    So I waited too long to buy the 5 and still be able to update to 6.1.2. Best Buy had some in stock so I got one, running 6.0.1, still jailbreakable right, no problem there.

    But...the backup of my 4S running 6.1.2 won't restore fully to the 5. There are no error messages during the restore process. Except the SMS/iMessages do not get restored. None of them. I've used iExplorer to check the backups and all message threads are in the backup. Initially it would not boot up after the restore completed, the apple logo should appear for about 10 seconds and then the phone would shut off. The only way I could get it to boot up was by putting it DFU mode then taking it out of DFU mode. I fixed that by uninstalling BiteSMS from the 4S and creating a new backup. Now, it restores and boots up just fine, but Messages still aren't being restored.

    I've googled the issue but the only solution I've run across is restoring from iCloud which I can't do because of the older software. I haven't yet jailbroken the 5, the 4S has been jailbroken since the day I got it last year.

    Anyone have any suggestions? If I can't get it all restored, then it will be going back and the 4S will have to hold me over until the next hardware refresh.

    Oh, and I've tried a couple of recovery software solutions but one only supports SMS, and the other doesn't have the ability to restore to the iPhone itself. Both have been able to find and display the backup contents just fine.

    Thanks a lot iPeeps.

    iPhone 5 64GB - 6.0.1
    iPhone 4S 64GB - 6.1.2
    iTunes - 11.0.2
    OSX 10.8.3
    Windows 7 Ultimate
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