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  1. twinpounder's Avatar
    After evasion jailbreak my Messages, iMessage and FaceTime are gone from iPad 4 6.1.2 and settings menu.

    I cannot find any reference to them anywhere and the settings menu doed not have them.

    Please please help me te reinstall them of put them back in the settings menu.

    Sent private message or email me audionics at gmail dot com

    Thx Jon
    2013-04-03 12:31 PM
  2. xboxbml's Avatar
    Did u try a hard reboot?...hold power n home button down till it powers off, then power back on...If still not there then only way I know is a restore...n u end up on 6.1.3 with no JB....
    2013-04-04 09:46 PM
  3. Longhorns87's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to change the reply dots in iMessage w/ using a app i saw a video once in YT he change something in the code or something like that ( I just can't find the video again ) that's why I'm asking here
    2013-04-06 05:56 AM