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    So I just wanted to post this to let anyone who may be uninformed (Like myself up until last night) know just how fragile your jailbreaks are so you don't screw yours up and end up with nothing on 6.1.3.

    So here's what happened to me...

    Last night I decided I didn't like the wallpaper gradient anymore and I attempted many ways of trying to accomplish removing it. The little bugger wouldn't leave no matter what I tried. So I finally broke down and broke out good old Winterboard. I got a theme off Cydia claiming to be iOS 5.x and 6.x compatible that would remove it. (I doubt it was the theme itself and rather how it interacted with my iPhone that caused the next event) So I applied my new theme in Winterboard and pushed respring.. Doesn't the little $h!t brick up on me!

    3 and a half hrs later...

    So I've tried everything at this point to unbrick my poor iPhone (You know your getting desperate when your on the 4th page of Google) Nothing. Couldn't force safe mode, rebooting obviously wasn't helping, and any attempts to SHH or iFunbox failed miserably.

    So after a heartpounding restore (I was just waiting for some stupid iTunes error saying "We can't restore your phone, your SOL" lol) I finally got it up and running again on the dreaded 6.1.3.

    So In short it can be something as simple as a transparent png image from a Winterboard theme that does you in and messes up your precious Jailbreaks. I just hope that by posting this here I can at least let a few people learn from my stupidity

    Update: So I am not the only person who this has happened to.. Don't know whether to feel happy or sad about that lol. A couple threads have popped up in the last couple of weeks claiming nearly the exact same thing. Essentially that after installing a perfectly legit Winterboard theme, users got thrown into a bootloop from which restoring is the only escape.

    Further more, I've become increasingly confident these turn of events had very little to do with Winterboard and nearly everything to do with Evasi0n.
    Currently I'm running the 6.1.3 Semi-Tethered Jailbreak using the Limra1n Exploit. I not only installed the exact same theme without issue, I also installed a tweak that removed the wallpaper gradient without a single problem occurring.
    On top of the apparent stability I obtained through Limera1n, my iPhone's animations no longer lag and my lockscreen has ceased to glitch upon waking up the phone. I'm using an iPhone 4 so the lags and glitches could easily be chopped up to old hardware (Which is likely the case) however, everyone else who has unfortunately fallen prey to this issue was rocking an i5.

    So just to make my point one more final time...

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