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    To make a long story short I bought a used iPhone 4 that only had 3G & no wifi, Bluetooth or baseband. It was on Bell network so I used my 3G to install jailbreak tweaks, also the screen was black from water damage but I was using "Displayout" & mirroring to my tv.

    I updated to iOS 5.1.1 a long time ago but I'm no longer on Bell SIM card, I need to upgrade Displayout in Cydia but I have no Internet connection on my iPhone.

    How do I use iFunbox or anything to upgrade Displayout &/or all of my Cydia tweaks?

    The iPhone is jailbroken with all the essentials like iFile, OpenSSH, Mobile Terminal. I have Internet, can I upgrade Cydia packages using just the USB cable, iFunbox & my laptop?

    Again the only thing that works on the iPhone to connect to the Internet is 3G, theres no wifi or bluetooth but I'm no longer with Bell & I don't want to pay for SIM card just to upgrade Cydia packages if there's another way.

    Anyone who knows how to SSH to update Cydia packages via USB, let me know please!

    2013-04-12 03:22 AM