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    A month ago I knew nothing of iDevices except for "trying" to get music straight (as she wants it to play) on my wifes iPod; that I still do not know the generation or iOS is upon such device but the little square one for $5o U.S.....
    That said:
    My wife has recently wanted to get an iPhone and I picked one up from good ol' craigslist. Well it arrived in like new condition with no charger (no prob) but with an AT&T micro-sim within it's bowels. Strange I thought but the screen was locked and I tried to contact the illustrius seller but my instincts told me that I better start figuring out how to get her darling doing *something*. Well I Googled my a** off and it told me (it is a smart phone, right?) to connect it to iTunes: I did. iTunes wanted to restore the phone and update the firmware: I let it do it's thing. Afterwards I jailbroke the device (tethered) and installed cydia, games from the App store, browsed on Safari and basically could use it as one of my PCs (not really, but fun nevertheless).
    Works without a sim (No SIM) the same as with (No Service). I took it to a couple places and one guy (with airvoice) told me he didn't find anything wrong with activating the phone (after looking up the IMEI) for like $85 out the door with first month service (cheapest plan - she will only make calls no text no data and play games, music and an occasional flic). I called H20 and they said I could go purchase a card for $30 (unlimited minutes and text) at Best Buy and they coud activate it and possibly port the number online or over the phone for free.
    I put my friends sim in the phone (same model) and had service.
    Only thing I regret so far is the updating the firmware to 6.1.3 before learning about custom stitched blobs and whatnot (which was learned and done for a friend with a Sprint A1349 before he lost his jailbreak - he was thankful).
    Sorry to be so long winded but do you guys think there are any restrictions on this phone? Somewhere legit to look up the IMEI?
    Will this phone shut down any sim I put in it like i read about online? I only left my friends sim in for about 5 minutes.
    Any way to know for sure this phone will be stable enough to give to an aging lady that I care deeply about?
    She is worth the 30 extra to find out.... I will do that in the morning. I guess that will tell the tale, eh?
    2013-05-23 04:04 AM