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    I'm not actually sure what specifically happened, but my daughter got her iPhone 4 wet, and now I think it's toast.

    The water sensor is indeed red, and the phone won't turn on.

    It was left overnight after being soaked before I found out and was able to put it in some rice but that didn't seem to work either.

    So now it does weird things. If the battery is charged(?) it'll randomly start playing one of the ring tones, a blues themed tone, and will continue to play it until i hit the power button.

    It'll also make the "text received" sound from time to time.

    So am I completely screwed here? do I have a $650 paperweight?

    Apparently it'll still receive texts and calls.
    I was able to answer the phone when I called it.

    So the screen isn't working but the phone is on now.
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    2013-05-29 03:36 PM
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    Hi, clean out the dock connector with a small paint brush and wd40, then alcohol cleaner and finally a hair dryer, do the same with the headphone socket. The back comes off easily with the two bottom screws so you can also dry its inside. Hope you are lucky.
    2013-05-30 12:10 AM
  3. GRNDPNDR's Avatar
    well its been drying for days. I took the back cover off and let it sit for about 24-36 hours and still nothing with the screen.

    It still recieves calls, and generally works.....just the screen doesn't
    2013-06-03 06:12 AM
  4. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, have a look with a magnifying glass to see if you can see any corrosion inside, it would be worth cleaning those areas with wd40 or alcohol cleaner. You could see if Apple would do you an exchange phone, cost me 120 when I exchanged my faulty one, but they do look for water damage so make sure it is clean inside and out first.
    2013-06-03 10:08 AM
  5. GRNDPNDR's Avatar
    I didn't see any corrosion when I was in there, but I didn't completely disassemble the phone. I don't really wanna mess with taking out all those little ribbon cables or losing those tiny tiny screws.

    At this point I think I'm boned, it looked clean inside, and I couldn't moisture inside when I took a look. The water tab is definitely red though, but I don't know how far water made it inside the phone.
    2013-06-03 03:33 PM
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    Hi, you could try claiming on your house insurance for accidental damage. Failing that change the red tab for a white one and see if Apple will part ex it against a reconditioned unit.
    2013-06-03 03:44 PM
  7. GRNDPNDR's Avatar
    we dont have house insurance, we don't even live in a house. I'm jobless and completely poor.
    2013-06-03 04:12 PM