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    I have a IP4 at 4.3.3 that is JB. When I bought it a while back I bought it used. Itwas my first Iphone an I did not know about updating it as a new phone and since it had been wiped I didn't have enough info at the time to realize the original owners password was still there.

    I would like to update the IOS to a new software and wipe the phone clean. Before I do this there are text messages I have that I need to keep for legal purposes and I really would like to transfer my contacts and save my pics and videos. The pics and Videos I can just store on a hard drive on one of my pc's if it is not possible to transfer them back to the phone. While having to manually transfer my contacts would suck, I can do so. Saving my text messages is probably most important. Yes I'm aware I can do screenshots and email them out with the same as pics an videos but would be a pain without reason if I can avoid it.

    I know I can do this in tunes but when I try it asks or the password to access the phone and I do not have it. So ideally if I could wipe just that password from the phone that would be great.
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    Huh? Why would iTunes ask you for the password if you are already accessing the phone?

    Openbackup and pkgbackup in Cydia may do what you need. I
    Don't understand why iTunes wouldn't let you though.
    2013-07-07 06:40 PM
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    it says something about encrypted password protected.

    So if I use one of these programs that you mention that are in Cydia then does it mean I have to be JB to load them back to my phone? The reason I ask is bc if I update to 6.1.3 then obviously they do not yet have a JB so how would I load the back up files to the phone when its not jailbroken or once backed up can I use iTunes to transfer them back to the phone?
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    Got a screenshot of what iTunes is telling you?

    Technically there is a jailbreak for 6.1.3 for iPhone 4. It's tethered, but still a jailbreak.
    2013-07-07 07:49 PM
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    Ok I updated itunes to the newest version before I saw your request. I will post back later a screen shot if I can get it to do what it was telling me in the older version of iTunes it was basically when I uncheck the encrypted box and try to back up it still prompts me for a pw. It appears to be an itunes password but when I enter mine it says its wrong even though my iTunes account is entered on the phone. I think I have resolved it by using ipexplorer an copying the SMS.db file and then I guess I can just copy it back over once th phone is updated? If this is right then can you tell me what file and how to get to it to copy my contact list? I already have the pictures and videos by just copying the folder to my pc and I can always copy them back over to my IP4.
    2013-07-08 01:04 AM
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    You will have to jailbreak to put those files back.
    2013-07-08 03:16 AM
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    Well I anticipate a jailbreak soon and if not like you said I could use the tethered one. Just to understand it an be sure I have not messed up my understanding of what I need to do. If I copy the files for contacts and sms text messages and then update my phone and during the update to IOS 6.1.3 I pick the option to set up new. I can then JB it and copy my old SMS file and the contact file to the IP4. Then technically if I wanted to get away from JB I could wait for a new IOS ad update the phone and it should keep my texts and contacts and operate like normal without JB since I set it up as new? If I have I correct I still need to know what file and how to get to it to save the contact list on my phone in iexplorer.
    2013-07-08 04:32 AM
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    I believe contacts are in var/mobile/library/addressbook. Not 100% though.
    2013-07-08 05:40 AM
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    Oh just to keep the information as accurate as possible in case someone else reads this post. I have updated I tunes to the most current version. The issue is when I open iTunes and click on the iphone button on the top right hand side of the page it will give me options to either update to 6.1.3 or I can go a little lower and under the "manually back up and restore" menu, If I try to back up the encrypt box is already checked. If I uncheck it then it ask me to enter a password. I have entered all the passwords I use including the one for iTunes and each time it tells me I entered the incorrect password and prompts me again without allowing me to go any further.

    If anyone know for sure what file is the contact/address book so that I can copy it in iexplorer and then past it back after update please let me know what the file is called and how I can get to it?
    2013-07-08 05:58 AM
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    2013-07-08 06:19 AM
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    simon thanks for your help with it. I searched a little more bc I came across a post that said a lot of those reviews about great programs are just come on ads to boost sales for a product that doesn't really work. Not to say the one you directed me to doesn't but in searching I found a contact or address list back up at the apple App store that is free ad works well called "My contacts back up" and is not copying files and hoping you get the right one. You dl it then open it and click back up then it automatically opens your email to send you need as an attachment that is already attached to the email. You can also go into the app options and save it in excel as a csv file that you can read. Reading the link you provided does make me think that I need to investigate a little more about the SMS thing though. While I have the right file for SMS messages, if it gets written over when the phone reboots similar to the way it is described in the link you posted about backing up contacts then saving the file would do me no good. I need to read a little more to see if there is an easy way. I ave already screen shot my texts messages and then saved all the pictures (including the screen shots of the text messages) I needed. So Im a little more inclined to mess with it and not care if I screw it up now.
    2013-07-08 07:29 AM