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    Hello there!

    Short story is my front camera no longer works after a screen replacement.

    Long story (Minor details etc that might verify a specific fix):

    Dropped my GSM iPhone 4 (Was untethered jailbreak on 5.1.1, now it's on 6.1.3 semitethered) whilst skating, shattered the screen, everything else still worked (Front camera had a weird crack mark when I took a photograph using it but it worked still), I could of lived with the smashed screen but kept cutting my fingers whilst typing- Not the most ideal thing in the world so I forked out the 45 to get it repaired.

    Took it one repair shop, the screen he tried to replace mine with didn't work for some reason so he gave me the device back and didn't charge me for fixing my dodgy lock button (Good will, but now I had a phone, with no screen and a bag of screws).

    Took it to another shop and they fixed it for me during my dinner hour, but he said the front camera doesn't work. I assumed it would be a software issue so I said I'll do it myself.

    Camera now just 'locks' on the shutter menu, just completely freezes whenever I switch to the front camera so I've resorted to disabling the front camera in iFile. The video camera also zooms in automatically when launched and when i zoom out it has the full left and ride side of the screen blacked out (doesnt affect the finished recording but still annoying).

    I've tried all the usual methods of troubleshooting (reset, hard reset, restoring from backup, restoring from new, hard closing app etc) but it seems the method if deeper than it seems.

    Just wondering if anyone knows how I can fix this myself as I don't fancy paying for any more repair work!

    My device is 578 days out of warranty and is 2nd hand anyway so Apple store repair is out the question.

    Could this be a simple case of opening up the device and fixing a loose connector? I have no experience in opening iPhones but I have a friend who has done a few LCD replacements so I'd trust him to do it for me!

    Which internal problems can cause the front camera and video recorder issues I've stated?


    2013-07-27 11:20 PM
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    Any help at all?
    2013-07-28 11:24 PM
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    This is a hardware problem. This comes up when the ribbon connector from the camera to the main circuit board comes loose or gets disconnected altogether. If you have the right tools and enough DIY skills to open up your iPhone, it's a very simple fix that should be fairly obvious to see. Otherwise, the iphone repair shop should be able to repair it for you
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    Thank you.
    2014-05-06 08:01 AM