1. thecrunked's Avatar
    Hi guys, I have an issue with semi-restore. I used semi-restore on my iPhone 5 to clean the phone before selling it. I had a custom font set with bytafont enabled before semi-restoring. After phone was cleaned, I noticed it still had walkway font on, so I reinstalled bytafont and tried to restore font to default button, which does nothing because it now thinks walkway font is default. I need either a way to restore the default font OR the actual default font file for iOS 6.1 so I can apply that as a custom font.
    2013-08-06 01:43 AM
  2. KockBurn's Avatar
    I know this is old but that's funny. Semi Restore didn't mess up your fonts, you did because you used semi restore without going back to stock font first.
    2013-10-15 06:26 PM