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    contact names with country code are now showing when receiving a call or sms. if i remove country code the name appear, but i have all my contacts saved with country codes. is there a solution to show contact names that are saved with country code ? i have iphone 4s ios 6.1.3
    2013-08-15 01:17 AM
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    From what I found doing a search, this is happening to others also. I could not find a fix or tweak for it. You may want to call or chat with Apple Support. Sorry.

    did find this on a blog, may help.

    make sure that the number that comes up when someone is calling is the same as what you have saved for that person name.....
    EG : if it comes up with +61 400 000 000 and you have saved 0400 000 000 on that person contact it will not work!
    Also saw a couple post that it is just an OS issue... no fix.
    I'd contact Apple.
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    2013-08-15 02:38 AM
  3. th31's Avatar
    ok thanks for reply, but when someone is calling me shows up without country code, and when i remove country code from contact, than there is a problem with message app, because its not showing contact name.
    2013-08-16 08:24 PM