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    I've had my iPhone 3GS for almost 3 Years now and I've took extensive care for this. But a few days ago, I am experiencing this annoying error when I charge my iPhone. Whether Its the PC or the Wall Charger, this error comes up *See picture below

    I do use Apple's Official Charger, but mine is a UK Charger with the 3 Prongs. I had a Third Party Charger a while back, but It broke so a relative of mine had a spare charger which came with her iPhone and she gave It to me. I don't have the ORIGINAL 30-Pin USB that came with my iPhone. Apparently, It broke so I decided to go out and buy another USB from a Carrier's Store. Its a Qmadix USB with Two LEDs on each end. I've had this for one year and It works perfectly fine.

    Now, I'm getting this Error for unknown reasons. It can still charge fine IF it can stay charging and sometimes It drops and gives me this stupid error. I even tested the SAME Power Adapter and USB on a iPad and It charges fine. But when I put it on my iPhone, It charges then about 30 secs in, It pops out this error. Even my PC, It still gives out this error.

    And yes, I am Jailbroken on iOS 5.1.1. Don't tell me to update to iOS 6.1.3 cause I can't. There's no Untethered Jailbreak for that FW. Can someone provide details about this problem? I don't know If this is even a Software Bug or a Hardware problem. I've searched everywhere and I can't get the answer I'm looking for.


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    2013-08-15 07:57 AM
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    Your charge port in your iPhone is bad, time to fix it, buy another iPhone or upgrade. I got my iPhone 5 replaced for the same reason. It is a hardware issue.
    2013-09-16 04:39 AM