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    My home button recently started acting crazy (I think it was caused by moisture). Anyways the home button became pretty much useless and kept acting as if it was being pressed even without me pressing it.

    I used Activator to set all Home Button actions to 'Do Nothing'. This worked great for all Home Button actions except 'Single Press' which Activator does not have 'Do Nothing' as an option for.

    The result is that my phone keeps waking up because it is acting as if the Home Button is being pressed without me pressing it.

    I have not found a way to fix this yet but here are a few solutions that I think could work. Please let me know your thoughts!
    1) An app other that Activator that will allow me to completely disable the home button?
    2) A way to get Activator to allow me to set 'Home Button-Single Press' to 'Do Nothing'?
    3) An app or other solution to set which button/s will wake the iPhone?
    4) Any other solutions that anybody can think of?

    Any help or direction will be appreciated!!

    *jailbroken iPhone 4
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    2013-08-28 05:34 AM
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    It's probably not the answer you were looking for, but I'd say get that home button replaced, it's usually not that expensive.
    2013-08-29 07:35 PM
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    Hi, changing the home button involves removing almost everything and the screen! I have done it once on a friends iPhone, see YouTube videos. If your home button has lost all its "bounce" then it would need changing. However if it still "clicks" then it may be worth cleaning. Its a sealed unit, so squirting WD40 from the underside (back cover removed) doesn't work. I have used the following technique on push buttons on control panels, but not tried on it on the iPhone. If my own home button goes, I will give this a go...
    Using a Dremel drill with the smallest 0.8mm drill bit, very slowly drill a hole through the center of the home button, stopping as it goes through the plastic button before hitting the metal "spring plate" underneath. Then put a drop of WD40 on the home button and let it drip through the hole and clean the spring contacts underneath while pressing the button.
    2013-09-01 11:32 AM