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    hi all,

    a friend told me that their [ancient, android] phone freaked out and stopped allowing them access to our SMS/MMS thread, and they had to delete the thread entirely to get the phone to allow outgoing texts to me again. apparently this is a common issue with their phone.

    the lame part is that my friend doesnt know how to work their phone [see last paragraph], and didnt proactively save any of our photos, so lost them all with the thread.

    now, because my phone doesnt suck, *i* still have them in my thread, but i would like to try and strip them all out of the thread and either export them or else get access in a way which isnt to click "Load Earlier"x10000 and try to manually save them all, because this is thousands of texts, and probably dozens (if not hundreds) of photos.

    i have an iphone5, untethered jb os 6.1.2. on my phone, i run bitesms, and on my desktop (windows, although im running bootcamp on a mac) i have a licensed version of iphone backup extractor, but i cant figure out whether (or how) iPBU will play nice with mms. lately it just stalls when i try to extract the 24k+ SMS, but i am still trying.

    there are obviously tools out there for recovering photos, but i assume (??) they are mostly set to look at the iphones standard photo storage paths, and i have no idea where the iphone OS stores mms photos and whether that would be included in any standard photo extraction. :-/

    anyone have any experience with this, or any suggestions?

    thanks so much!
    2013-09-07 05:14 AM