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    first off hope this is in the right place : )

    Thanks for looking in, is it me or do others have the same problem?
    I've notice when in messages if you want to forward on a message that the edit control (top right) has been exchanged for a contact button.
    So, having watched a brief video clip i tried to understand how to forward a message on and it appears you have to hold the "talk bubble" down in order to open a side window (left side) with circles that you can tick to select what you want to forward on.
    This just isn't doing it for me! i get three options when i hold the bubble down "copy, more speak" if i select more it does nothing, if i copy the message and then create a new message to paste the message in just dosen't paste??
    On occaisions i also get a crash which takes me back to home page??
    Any help, support, advice or info on this would be really appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
    2013-09-19 11:58 AM
  2. ibiggy's Avatar
    Having spoken to Apple and my Carrier company it is a recognized bug something to do with platforms and operating systems, it is being worked on but no fix as of yet, bit annoying, Apple called me back as I had to collect my daughter from school and the operator passed me onto a manager and he was requesting payment for either 1,2, or 3 year remote assistance cover in the event I have further issues, I don't want to pay, it's a 4s and shouldn't be having these issues, this should have been smoothed out before release, I have also completely restored and re- synced but to no avail, anyone else having any issues??
    2013-09-19 05:20 PM