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    I am selling my iPhone 5 which is jailbroken so I want to keep it that way. I am attempting to delete everything off the phone so I have gone into iFile and deleted all cached messages, contacts, music, etc. The final thing I can not seem to get rid of is the contacts that show up when you start a new message and go to add a contact. Once you've deleted your contacts they stop showing up in the Contacts and Search but they still show up there. Does anyone happen to know where this data is being stored so I can delete that also? I'm currently running 6.1 firmware
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    2013-10-12 10:15 PM
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    So the only solution I could find was running iLex Rat. I piped the command line output to a text file to view the deleted files but there are a lot and since nobody seemed to have much interest in the thread I didn't take the time. If I do sometime I'll post my findings.
    2013-10-13 09:26 AM