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  1. utnalove's Avatar

    Today I got a new iPhone 5 and I did the following:
    -updated iTunes
    -restored a 3Gs backup to the iPhone 5
    -Ipgrade the IOS of the iPhone 5

    Now I see some apps in iTunes that iTunes tries to install on the iPhone each time I sync it. But it fails.

    please see here How to delete some apps from the newest iTunes?-217o.png

    In iTunes, in the "app" tab, I see all the items. The items that cannot be installed in the iPhone appear as "Will Install", however it fails.

    To be sincere I don't need those apps anymore. I just want to delete them from iTunes. How to do that?

    I tried to delete those apps from CUsers\username\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications, but it doesn't work. They still appear in iTunes.

    Please help
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    2013-10-22 08:11 PM
  2. Orby's Avatar
    Go to your Apps page in the sidebar/top-left corner, select "All," then click on whatever apps you don't want (hold down Control or Shift to select more than one at a time or a range), hit the Backspace key. A dialog should come up asking if you want to delete these apps, then another about keeping the app files in your iTunes Media folder or sending them to the Recycle Bin. At this point, you should be good to go.
    2013-10-22 08:44 PM
  3. utnalove's Avatar
    Thanks. In my iTunes I don't have any sidebar. However maybe I was able to delete them.
    The appear before entering in the iPhone library and I was able to move them to the recycle bin.
    2013-10-22 09:03 PM