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    Hey guys,

    Is it possible to turn an iPhone into a wireless hard drive? I've searched quite a bit on this but could not find the exact answer I wanted. Let me explain my needs first so that you may understand why I ask.

    I've been searching endlessly to figure out a way to streamline the process of watching movies on my TV. My Samsung LED TV is not wifi enabled, nor is it wifi upgradable, BUT it does have a USB slot so I can watch movies off of a flash drive or external drive. I've basically had to download a movie, then transfer it onto a flash drive and then walk all the way to my tv and connect it; every time. That's pretty annoying, so I was hoping for a more elegant solution.

    I would like transfer a movie directly to the hard drive/flash drive connected to my TV without having to disconnect anything. I've looked at USB switches (I have a cloud router) but they have to be manually switched, and wireless hard drives ($$$$) but I would prefer a cheaper solution (I have external hard drives already). I recently realized that I have an old iPhone 3GS laying around and I was wondering if there was some way to turn it into a wireless hard drive. I figured all of the hardware is there, it just needs the right software.

    I'm going to try the USBDrive cydia app to see if it will be recognized by my TV, but I assume that app does not support wireless transfers while in usb flash drive mode.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    2013-10-28 10:19 AM
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    Hi, connect your 3GS to your TV with a video lead. A genuine Apple one or a cheep alternative will work if you install Resupported 4+
    Next install from Cydia AirServer, this will make your 3GS receive any movies you have downloaded on your PC, then added to your iTunes library and then streamed with AirPlay to your 3GS. If you only get sound out to your TV, then try installing DisplayOut.
    If you have UPnP streaming on your PC or a network drive, then install App Store app Netgear Genie on your 3GS. This will turn your 3GS into a UPnP receiver much like AirServer turns the 3GS into an AirPlay receiver.

    On a side note,
    If you have an iPad or another iPhone, try Cydia app Movie Box, you can AirPlay it's movies to your 3GS with the above installed.
    App Store apps which stream over UPnP are Flipps, skifta, iMediaShare, and Twonky Beam. Cydia app XBMC will do AirPlay receive and UPnP stream and is also available for your PC/Mac.
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    2013-10-28 07:41 PM