1. docmagoo2's Avatar
    Ok, so got a used iPhone 5 off my uncle as he's moved to 5s. Loving the speed and lightness esp compared to my old iPhone 4. However I've noticed a slight static / white noises type sound coming from the speaker for a few seconds after any kind of sound being made, be this a keyboard click / YouTube vid / song on loudspeaker. And by that I mean after the actual intended sound has finished. It seems to go on for about 5s and is audible in a quiet environment and very audible if you listen for it. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it software or hardware and should I make a genius bar appt?
    2013-12-09 09:00 AM
  2. Cmds187's Avatar
    Yes they will replace it for you
    2013-12-09 11:34 PM