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    ok i have a iphone 3g that my son ran over and broke the screen. not sure of firmware or anything else on it..
    i replaced the screen and lcd ,but when i was replacing it i broke the power flex cable. i fixed that and finally got it to turn back on , but now it boots up to the slide for emergency ..and the connect to itunes logo.

    when i try to slide it does nothing but the little info button that shows IMEI and ICCID works. also if i hold the power button down the slide to power off comes up ,but its the same nothing happen but the cancel button works...

    seems like if the digitizer screen was bad that i replaced nothing would work to touch... itunes dont detect it
    any help would be great......ive tried to use the jb tools but none would recognize it either
    2013-12-14 04:23 AM
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    373 views and no one has any input??"??
    just trying to get it going so i can jb it!!!
    just don't know if i got a bad digitizer or whats going on

    please help!!!!! ive searched the forums all over and cant find a post like it
    2013-12-15 04:20 AM