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    I need the PowerManagement bundles for iPhone4(GMS) 6.1.2

    If someone who has a iPhone 4(GSM) running iOS6 Jailbroken , can you please upload me the powermanagement bundles ?

    *Why: I installed iOverclock Tweak (which i think deleted them (not sure)) so i ask you to please send me yours.

    *What are PowerManagement.bundles: Well i don't know much but i think they manage how things work or similar, they say u can get ur 800MHz to Normal 1GHz ... i don't really know and i didn't see any difference running Benchmark test before and after the Tweak

    *Note: I think the Bundles should be from an iPhone 4(GSM) 6.1.2 (any iOS 6 should work really)
    Just to Point that out Thank you for Uploading or Atleast checking if u have that bundle in ur A4 Device running iOS6.

    I didn't really wanted to "Overclock" ... but i installed the tweak and later i checked some guy overclocking manually and i realized that i didn't had that specific bundle .. and read a article that says iOverclock removes the downcloacking from Apple (they add it to save battery that is why i really want the downclock back if the tweak really overclocked)

    Noww How to get the bundle:

    Download iFile(Cydia) or use iFunBox(Win/Mac)
    -Try using iFile

    iFile Tut

    1. Open iFile
    2. Navigate to /System/Library/SystemConfiguration
    3. Now you should have PowerManagement.bundle (if you don't please Reply)
    4. Press Edit Up in the corner or hold on bundle
    5. Create Zip
    6. Upload Me that zip file

    idk how to upload from phone , but u can safely get the Zip using iFunBox:

    iFunBox Tut

    1. Open iFunBox
    2. Press Raw File System
    3. Navigate to /System/Library/SystemConfiguration
    4. Drag Zip or Folder to ur Desktop
    5. Upload It

    Please help me guys...going there and creating a zip is not going to harm ur device unless u delete something (try not to delete anything while there)

    If you by any chance went there and deleted something in SystemConfiguration i will send u the missing files

    Thank You So Much To Anyone That Helps I Will Respect You A Lot Sir :3

    I need PowerManagement Bundles for iPhone 4 (GSM) 6.1.2 Please-img_0200.png
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    Okay.. No such file exists in that area , i confirmed it by Decrypting 6.1.2 IPSW and seems iOS6 doesn't have that kind of bundle..
    I think in iOS 5.1.1 Absinthe found a Vulnerability in PowerManagment.bundle and used it to Jailbreak untethered.

    So that should mean that iOverclock doesn't work on iOS6 / iOS7 , which means my phone is perfectly fine(never even showed a problem) though i had to make sure

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