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    I have an alpine car stereo with a built in pandora feature that allows me to control pandora playing on my phone from my stereo.

    There is a block in the system some place that keeps iphones from interfacing with the pandora section of my stereo wirelessly. I can plug in my phone and have the stereo work pandora. I can bluetooth an android and have my stereo control pandora. I can bluetooth my phone to the stereo in general but just not to the pandora section of it. I have to plug in for that and I dont want to.

    Why do Iphones have to be physically plugged in to work when androids can bluetooth over? Is the issue with the phone or the car stereo? What can I do to fix that. I have iphone 5 version 7.0.4 with the new jailbreak.

    I would love to hear your thoughts. thanks.
    2013-12-31 09:31 AM