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    I have this iphone 5 that is originally from the UK and it's registered to 02.
    I bought off of some guy who obviously lied about it and like an idiot I fell for it.
    So I didn't have a choice but to look at my options since I was going away to Ecuador , and I decided to pay for an unlock service to have it unlocked. I paid for a blacklisted iphone unlock. The phone is blacklisted. and it was successfully unlocked. But now I can't bypass the activation screen, with a SIM card from Ecuador. It accepts the SIM card and it says 3G but then there's a message that says it's lost and to contact a number, and it won't let me activate it.

    What can I do?
    Getting a SIM card from O2 at this moment is not possible.
    I tried jail breaking it but it says that it needs to be activated beforehand
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