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    I've seen a thread posted by somebody asking for help on this topic, but not one specifically discussing a how-to-fix the issue. I jailbroke my iPhone 5S on ios 7.0.4 the day the jailbreak was out for my iOS version, installed a few tweaks here and there, and ran into the same problem. Native iOS Apps crashing (Calculator, Safari, Weather, Mail, etc..). Later on, I came across a few threads, and a YouTube video discussing how to fix the issue, initially, the tutorials didn't fix my issue, until I stumbled across this YouTube video, adding a last-resort for-sure-fix option to the problem, and to my surprise it worked.

    Enough talk, here's how to fix it.
    1) First, you want to check cydia for 2 things, afc2add, and *******. Navigate to Manage>Packages, and see if you have either installed (If not, move to step 2). If so, uninstall the one(s) that are installed, once uninstalled, REBOOT your phone, the standard way (Hold the power button until you're prompted to "Slide to turn off", then simply, power your phone back on.)

    Initially, this was the tutorial, now for me, and many others, this did not fix the issue. Still crashing native apps that I frequently use, which was very frustrating.

    2) If the first step does not fix your issue, or you don't have either installed, what you're going to want to do, is go back into cydia, and download iFile (Should be freeware now). Once iFile is installed, and on your device, open it up (If a prompt pops up asking you to register, just tap Later), tap the back button (Top Left) until you can't go back anymore. Scroll down till you find the folder "var", and navigate your way through var>mobile>Library>Caches. Scroll down (Past all the folders) Until you see some files that look like little sheets of paper. Find "" swipe your finger from right to left, and tap delete. Above that should be "" delete this also. close iFile, and reboot your phone again.

    Your problem should be fixed.


    How To Fix iOS 7 Safari, Mail, Weather Crash Issue After Evasi0n Jailbreak | Redmond Pie
    2014-01-20 03:40 AM