1. lilrican21's Avatar
    I really don't like activator for this same thing with Ios6 I installed it and if I get a in coming text pressing the up Volume button on the side doesn't mute it like when it's not installed or factory default. So my question is how I can get this tweak give me back my mute button for texts. Thanks.
    2014-01-22 02:41 PM
  2. BrainSmashR's Avatar
    I hate to state the obvious, but there are 2 default solutions to what I perceive as your problem.

    1. You can turn off all sounds with the mute switch and just rely on vibrations to notify of you incoming text/calls
    2. You can change your text tone to one of a shorter length and set it to only chime once instead of the default 2.
    2014-01-22 03:18 PM