1. bizzman's Avatar
    I have a 3gs on IOS 5.01.

    I need to take my backup from my iphone4 which had IOS 7 and install it on my iphone 3gs to retrieve important text messages. I dont have the iphone 4 anymore otherwise id just install from backup.

    However im selling the phone to a person who wants it on ios 5. Can I install ios7 backup onto the iphone 3gs and then reinstall ios5?
    2014-01-23 01:06 AM
  2. bizzman's Avatar
    jus realized 3gs doesnt support io7, can remove thread mod
    2014-01-23 04:35 AM
  3. King_O_Hill's Avatar
    Try iBackupbot to dig through your backup file.

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2014-01-23 06:20 AM