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    soooooooooooo, when i try and send an iMessage, it says delivered but they never receive the picture or video. it works fine over cellular if i just use text/data, but not with apples imessage service. ive tried to reset network settings, turn on/off imessages, sending with imessage email, but it wont be received on their end. i can receive pitcures/videos though...i did do a complete restore and upgraded from 7.0.4 to 7.0.6 and it worked for about 2 days but now its doing it again and i cant restore because apple isnt signing 7.0.6 anymore and i want my jailbreak. ive tried deleting all the cydia packages i had installed thinking maybe it was one a those but that hasnt made a difference either. onlu way i can see getting it to work again is by restoring to 7.1 but i dont want tooooooo!!! lol. if anyone has any suggestions, please share. thank you!!!
    2014-03-15 05:49 AM
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    Nobody? :-(
    2014-03-16 03:51 AM