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    so. i am a wallpaper junkie, and there is a problem. as many of you may know by now ios 7.0.x has 3d wallpaper effect called "parallax effect". i wanted to know some tips on how to disable it. well. i am jailbroken of course with my 5s but there is the problem. so i know how to disable it using hiddensettings7 and also get some help by parallaxenablur which is a really great tweak but here is the problem. parallaxenablur will leave some weird blur system out. lets put it this way. if i have parallaxenablur and i try to hid my folder background then it wouldnt work with parallaxenablur enabled. now i also referred to another tweak called "disable parallax effect" which does a good job at disabling the parallax effect but does a bad job at disabling it on the settings app. meaning when you are trying to set a wallpaper your wallpaper will still slide and be zoomed in which is really annoying. what i want as a tweak or maybe a flex patch to just disable it on the settings app. so when you go to set a wallpaper it wont move it. if any of you know how to do this contact me on twitter by @ElectronikFArts and lets have a talk. i was trying to do some stuff in the UIKIT section of springboard but i am not that experienced in those stuff that i saw so i couldnt do anything. i need someones help to create a flex patch or even a substrate addon that will disable it on the settings app. try it. install disable parallax effect from cydia and you will notice that it only disables it on the home/lock screen and icons not the settings app, which defeats its purpose. so yea. pealse contact me.
    2014-04-15 02:03 AM
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    btw i am currently working to see if i can do anything using flex 2 to achieve what i want.
    2014-04-15 05:35 AM